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DRY Lifestyle: Many flavors, many occasions

Looking for the perfect non-alcoholic party drink for your next event? DRY's eleven unique flavors make it an exciting beverage for a wedding, baby shower, dinner party, or any occasion.


Q: What does “DRY” mean?
A: As used in wine vernacular, DRY refers to “less sweet.”

Q: Where is DRY Soda based?
A: DRY is a Seattle-based company.

Q: What are the 4 ingredients in DRY Soda?
A: DRY Soda’s 4 all-natural ingredients are purified carbonated water, pure cane sugar, natural flavor extracted from fruits, flowers, or herbs and phosphoric or malic acid, which are clean tasting, natural preservatives.

Q: How are the fruits/flowers/herbs extracted to give DRY flavor?
A: DRY’s natural flavors are derived by our flavor producers using proprietary sources and methods.

Q: How many calories are in each bottle or can of DRY?
A: DRY is much lower in calories than other natural sodas. Each 12oz. bottle or can contains 45-70 calories. For exact calorie counts, please visit our Flavor Profile page.

Q: How is DRY sweetened?
A: DRY is sweetened with a minimum amount of pure cane sugar (11-19 grams per bottle or can).

Q: Is DRY Soda kosher?
A: Yes, all flavors of DRY Soda are certified kosher by the Orthodox Union.

Q: Is DRY an environmentally-friendly company?
A: DRY Soda uses recyclable bottles and cans and works with as many local vendors and suppliers as possible. We also use biodegradable sampling cups and employ waste-minimizing practices in our office including re-using case boxes, recycling paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum and keeping printing to a minimum.

Q: Whose signature is on the bottle and can?
A: The signature belongs to DRY Founder and CEO Sharelle Klaus.

Q: What’s the best flavor/best-selling flavor?
A: Vanilla Bean and Lavender are our best selling flavors and the other nine flavors sell in about equal amounts. Many people enjoy all of the flavors, but everyone seems to have a favorite. What's your DRY flavor?

Q: Who distributes DRY Soda?
A: DRY uses a national network of natural food, local wine and high-end beverage distributors.

Q: Where else can I find DRY Soda?
A: DRY is available in traditional and specialty grocery stores, fine restaurants, bars, cafes, and hotels. Visit our Buy DRY page or download our mobile app for iOS and Android, use the Store Locator to find a list of DRY retailers in your area. In addition, DRY ships nationally in 12-bottle, 24-bottle or 12-can increments.

Q: Is DRY planning to come out with any more flavors?
A: DRY is always experimenting with new flavors. In 2013 DRY added four more flavors - Apple, Ginger, Pear, and Cherry.

Q: Who created DRY’s bottle, can, 4-pack, and website?
A: DRY’s award-winning design was developed by Seattle-based graphic design firm, Turnstyle Studio.

Q: What is DRY Gives Back?
A: DRY Gives Back is DRY Soda’s Corporate Community Involvement initiative. DRY is proud to support the people who make better food and drink possible in the first place - independent farmers and food producers. Through DRY Gives Back, DRY will work to inform, inspire and engage people to connect with their local food producer communities. Visit DRY Gives Back to learn more.

Q: Does DRY support any charities?
A: In addition to DRY Gives Back, DRY currently supports numerous local and national charities in each of our markets. Visit DRY’s Events page to see the organizations we support.

Q: Is DRY Soda sold anywhere outside of the United States?
A: Currently, DRY is distributed within the United States, Canada, and Hong Kong.

Q: Who owns DRY Soda?
A: DRY Soda is a privately owned and operated company.