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From DRY Soda’s Founder and CEO Sharelle Klaus -

When I started DRY Soda in 2005, I was inspired by the idea to create a better soda, made with better ingredients … a soda for everyone.

My passion for all things culinary led me to create a soda that was true to the herbs and fruits I loved. I wanted to create a soda that was less sweet, all natural, and made with the highest quality ingredients so that the flavors would shine through.

Today an important topic of conversation in our country is about the amount of sugar in our beverages, but in 2005 there weren’t any companies creating a soda with significantly less sugar. I thought that consumers deserved a healthier alternative to traditional sodas and I really wanted to make that option available to people seeking a low sugar soda.

I created DRY’s first flavors in my home kitchen, making batches and batches of carbonated drinks, in pursuit of a truly better soda. After tasting every one of those batches with the help of my family, and with the guidance of some of the Pacific Northwest’s leading chefs and award-winning designers, I launched DRY Soda – the less sweet, all natural soda made with just four ingredients.

In the beginning DRY was offered in the nation’s finest restaurants. And then, thanks to the overwhelming support of DRY’s enthusiastic customers, DRY expanded to retail distribution. Due to the success of the original four flavors – Rhubarb, Lavender, Lemongrass and Kumquat, DRY added more flavors: Blood Orange, Juniper Berry, Vanilla Bean, Cucumber, and Wild Lime. In 2013 DRY added four more flavors – Apple, Ginger, Pear, and Cherry – for all of DRY’s customers, early and new alike, to sip, pair, and mix.

Each DRY flavor has a unique profile, which makes DRY Soda a delicious beverage for all occasions – entertaining, pairing with a meal, and mixing cocktails. In 2013 DRY introduced slim aluminum cans, so that DRY is perfect for on-the-go, lunches, and for sipping poolside.

Through the support of DRY’s amazing customers, DRY’s distribution has grown to include retailers throughout the United States and Canada, and DRY is continuing to grow and be available in more grocery stores, cafes, bars, and restaurants around the country. I’m so thrilled that what started as an idea in my kitchen has become a soda for everyone – perfect for any occasion.