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Archive for June, 2008

Think Pink

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

Perfect Pinky Martini

We are finding more and more that DRY is not only great on its own or paired with a meal, it’s also an excellent cocktail mixer.  We’ve made non-alcoholic mimosas (two parts Lemongrass DRY + one part fresh orange juice = delicious), our founder’s favorite Lavender DRY with gin, and several other fancy drinks.  If you want reassurance straight from the cocktail world, ask the experts at LA-based Pinky Vodka.  For your sipping pleasure, they have created the Perfect Pinky Martini with their oh-so-beautiful vodka and Lemongrass DRY.  Visit www.pinkyvodka.com, choose “cocktail hour” from their drop-down menu, then select “martinis” and you will find a fabulous recipe and video instructions on how to make your Perfect Pinky at home!