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Archive for May, 2012

DRY’s Memorial Day Grilling Guide of Greatness

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Photo credit: Pillsbury

Memorial Day holds different kinds of significance to different people; to some it’s a day of reflection and memories, to others a day to enjoy time with family and relax.

For many, however, Memorial Day is a monumental change in the foodie calendar – the official start of grilling season.

So, foodie friends, it’s time to take the cover off, turn the heat up, and get ready to kiss the cook with these tips to make the best of your reintroduction into grilldom.


Thinking Outside the Gearbox: 5 Amazing Alternative Uses for Bicycles

Friday, May 18th, 2012

Smoothie Peddler - 5 Amazing Alternative Uses For Bicycles

Photo credit: Juice Peddlers 

With National Bike Month upon us, we’ve noticed an awesome, healthy uptick in the amount of bikes we see on the road around DRY HQ. With this inspiration in mind, we found five of the most amazing, innovative uses of bicycles that you may not have thought of.

Instead of your normal bike ride, why don’t you use your pedal power to…

1) Make a Fresh Fruit Smoothie

Mainstays at farmers markets in and around Seattle, the thinkers behind Juice Peddlers truly make their customers a part of the business and experience. Juice Peddlers outsource their smoothie-making work… to the people who order them. Patrons pick their fruit combo, pony up to the mounted bicycle at the custom smoothie bar, and pedal away to power the blender in front of them until the concoction is just right.

2) Bring Pie to Your Doorstep

One of Seattle’s best secrets, Max Kraushaar, AKA Seattle Pie Man, has been in the business of peddling and pedaling his baked-from-scratch pies around the University District in Seattle since 2010. His business, known as The Piecycle, is as novel as it is delicious. Kraushaar bakes a variety of pies in advance, hungry customers call or text in orders for delivery, and he rides them over in a blaze of delicious glory.

3) Fence Off Your House

We love us some upcycling, and this double embodiment of the word is just too fantastic. The folks at Fence Workshop have an incredible collection of custom bike-made fences that truly tickle our design fancy. The sturdiness of bike frames help make dependable, strong fences, while the colors and concept exude a creative, DIY spirit.

4) Take a Picnic Mobile

What’s better than a picnic with friends? One that you can take anywhere, even down the street at 20+ mph. In one of the crazier ideas we’ve seen, a few friends converted an abandoned wooden picnic table into a tandem bicycle, mobile picnic machine, complete with drink cooler and grill for their “rider food.”

5) Power the Grid

Riding a stationary bike at the gym may is a good thing, but generating free energy for the grid while doing so makes it a labor of love. With a grid-tied inverter and some handiwork, you could turn your workout into a green machine. You won’t be able to power your house on the energy produced, but every little bit helps!

Hope that everyone is having a fun, fast and safe National Bike Month!

Sips of the Truly Unique – Unique LA Spring Show

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

What do you get when you combine independent design, local philanthropy, an inspirational internet sensation and bubbly DRY goodness? Why, Unique LA of course.

DRY Soda had the pleasure of hanging with 15,000 of our shopping friends at Unique LA – the largest independent design show in Los Angeles – over Mothers Day weekend. Shoppers were treated to a wide array of amazing wares by local designers, sips of DRY Soda and other US-made beverages, all while supporting philanthropic efforts as 10% of ticket sales were directly donated a local nonprofit.

One of the most exciting part of the event, however, was visiting Caine’s Arcade. Not familiar with Caine’s Arcade? Check it out for yourself: it’s one of the internet’s most inspiring stories from one of the coolest kids imaginable.

Unique LA’s “goals are to help designers and small businesses grow and become sustainable, to support the local economy, and to teach shoppers the value of conscious consumerism,” and this is exactly why DRY is so perpetually excited to support this and other Unique events.

Watch the video below to get a quick recap of DRY’s Unique LA experience.

Instant Cinco de DRYo – Just Add Good Company

Friday, May 4th, 2012

Instant Cinco de Mayo: just add friends

Our favorite parts of any holiday are food and friends, and here’s our guide to help your Cinco de Mayo 2012 have no shortage of the former. You’ll have to take care of the latter yourself this May 5th, though with this spread it shouldn’t be too hard to persuade people over.

Sip on:  DRY-rita

A new take on the classic margarita, using our new all natural Wild Lime DRY Soda instead of the green, overly-sugared margarita mix. This bit of mixology means a better tasting and better for you marg choice.

1 1/2 oz. Tequila
1/2 oz. Triple Sec
3 oz. Wild Lime DRY Soda
- Pour ingredients into cocktail shaker with ice
- Shake well
- Salt rim of glass if desired
- Pour contents, with ice, into glass
- Garnish with a lime wedge

Serve up: Betty Crocker’s Cinco de Mayo Skinny Shrimp Tacos – recipe featured on Foodista

These easy to make shrimp tacos, flavored with citrus marinade and topped with yogurt crema and cucumber salsa, are delicious enough to keep you coming back for more, yet light enough on calories to make those extra helpings a little more permissible.

Finish with: Homemade Mexican Crullers (Churros) – recipe featured on the Food Network

Saving calories in your drink and main course means you can treat yourself and your guests to a something a little sugary sweet. While traditionally served for breakfast with hot chocolate or cafe con leche, end your night with these crunchy chords of cinnamon sugary deliciousness.

DRY’s Searchable Guide to Seeking a Saucy Spring

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012


Photo credit: EJP Photo

With spring officially underway – though unfortunately less evident here in Seattle – it’s time to shed some layers, cycle some color into our wardrobes, turn on some AC and start rediscovering what’s out in the world since we stopped going outside in December. We’ve pulled together some wonderful spring activities and resources to custom tailor your season for maximum excellence.

So, after you’ve put away that black North Face jacket of yours, what should we seek out for spring?

Find a New Happy Hour Spot

With more light in each coming day, those precious hours of food frugality after work are becoming better and better. Spring is a great time to mix it up and find a new “spot” that you can bring your friends, coworkers and hot dates.

Tool: Unthirsty lets you search, map and filter happy hour spot near you. (Protip: use the Patio filter to embrace the newfound sun)

Find a Trail to Hike

Sometimes you’ve just got to connect with nature, and fewer activities accomplish this better than a lovely, sun-soaked hike. Just be sure you bring plenty of water, trail snacks, and good company; nothing worse than a dehydrated, hungry and awkward hike.

Tool:   Local Hikes searches for the best hiking trails in or around your city.

Find a Park to Lounge and Play In

Ah, the park. This timeless institution has enabled millions of people with space to enjoy leisure, sports, reading, gatherings, you name it, and the sun brings city parks alive. It can be nice to mix things up from your closest neighborhood park as different places offer different scenery, crowds and amenities.

Tool: Park Grades lets you locate and rate parks near you. (Protip: bring a dog, as everything in life is better when there’s a dog around)

Find a Co-Rec Sports League to Participate In

We don’t all have time to get in a 40-minute workout every day, but there can be more compelling ways to get your blood pumping in preparation for true swimsuit season. From ultimate frisbee to dodgeball and everything in between, trying a co-rec sport can get you active in a stress-free way.

Tool: this guide from Fitness Magazine has tips to find co-rec/noncompetitive sports leagues in your neighborhood.

Find and Experience the World of Food Trucks

We’re all about food truck culture, and some of the city’s best food can be found being served out the side of these mobile food havens. Since food trucks are in new locations all the time it can be hard to keep track of your favorites or find new four-wheeled flavors, but the delicious reward of seeking out a new food truck can be bigger than a taco truck burrito.

Tool: Roaming Hunger lets you search by location or vendor with an interactive map to find food trucks near you.

Cheers to a happy spring. What will you be finding first?