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Archive for October, 2012

DRY Listens: Blood Orange Halloween Playlist

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

The witching hour is upon us, and this requires the perfect soundtrack. After a week of submissions from DRY fans, we’ve put together the Blood Orange Halloween playlist. Put it on at work, at home or at your Halloween party to get yourself truly in the spirit. Happy Halloween!

For non-Spotify users, use this alternate YouTube playlist.

DRY’s Five Pie Salute to National Pizza Month

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

photo by Jon Argos

Photo credit: Jon Argos

DRY’s Five Pie Salute to National Pizza Month

United States Congress has named October National Pizza Month.  We here at DRY are thankful that they could reach across the aisle and make a political statement we can all support: pizza is awesome.  In that spirit, we want to spotlight five of the most unique pies in the land. All these delicious pizzas crafted by pizzerias that share our sentiment that the pizza/soda pairing doesn’t have to be ordinary.

5.  My Big Fat Greek Pizza (Zaw Pizza | Seattle, WA) – Spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted garlic, Kalamata olives and free range, marinated chicken breast – served on a base of house-made pesto with feta and mozzarella cheeses. Fresh oregano on top.

Pair with: Blood Orange DRY –  The citrus of Blood Orange DRY Soda pairs nicely with the olives and greens on this unique pizza.

4. The Jerk (The Station Pizzeria | Woodinville, WA) – Braised jerk chicken, fried cheese dumplings, trio of onions, arugula pesto.

Pair with: Rhubarb DRY – This rich, comfort-food laden pizza is complimented by the lush fruitiness of Rhubarb DRY Soda.

3. The Fungi (Blackbird Pizzeria | Philadelphia, PA) – Assorted mushrooms, fresh thyme, garlic butter, truffle oil, mozzarella style daiya cheese.

Pair with: Juniper Berry DRY – This vegan delight matches perfectly with Juniper Berry DRY Soda.  The thyme and mushrooms are a perfect combination with the herbal freshness of the soda.

2. The Spicy Thai Pizza (Pizza Schmizza | Portland, OR) – Garlic chicken, roasted red peppers, crushed red peppers & cilantro on a spicy peanut sauce base.

Pair with: Wild Lime DRY –  The zesty tartness of Wild Lime DRY Soda matches well with the cilantro spiciness of the Spicy Thai Pizza.

1. The Gene Parmesan (Sizzle Pie | Portland, OR) – Shaved beef steak, green peppers, white onions and Italian provolone, plus an Arrested Development reference.  What more could you want?

Pair with: Rhubarb DRY – The double-meatiness of the Gene Parmesan is well complemented by the sweeter notes in Rhubarb DRY.