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DRY’s Five Best Finds: July 2013

We come across a lot of amazing stuff on the internet every day and always make sure to pass it along on Twitter and Facebook. However, some of that amazing stuff really rises above the rest. With that, here are the top five things we found and shared this month in food, design, sustainability, creativity and more.

Vine User Recreates ‘Super Mario Bros.’ With Food

Vine has brought a new form of expression – a new art form, even – to the internet, and it’s fascinating to see how creative people can get with the time constraint of six mere seconds of video. This vine combo of food and video games from Hunter Harrison is just one of the many genius ways in which users are making Vine one of our favorite new places to be on the internet. PS the gumdrop Goomba is adorable.

Teenager Develops Program to Feed Thousands of Hungry People in California

We won’t speak for you, but our adolescent, early teenage year concerns consisted of hanging out at the mall (for some reason) and not getting stuck sitting on the end at the movies with friends. However, Silicon Valley youth Kiran Sridhar has leveraged his early teen energy to think outside of himself, see others’ needs and create the program Waste No Food, which connects those in need with local restaurants. With plans to expand into San Francisco, Sridhar certainly makes us optimistic about the next generation of thinkers.

Grow Your Own Garden on a Grid with Nourishmat

Not everyone has the green thumb required to get a seed to grow and flourish, but Nourishmat helps make the process considerably easier. The 4′ x 6′ Nourishmat (not to be confused with the ‘Jump to Conclusions’ mat) is laid out in a grid consisting of 19 different, compatible plant varieties, ready to plant via clay/compost ‘seedballs’. If you’ve been meaning to get gardening again, this may just be your green ticket.

Singing ‘Happy Birthday’ Makes Cake Taste Better: How Rituals Affect Food Flavor

While personal research shows that exactly zero people know what to do with themselves while their friends and family sing ‘Happy Birthday’, professional research from the University of Minnesota has found that small ‘rituals’ such as a special song or specific preparation method makes us enjoy the taste of food more.

The Perfect Peanut Butter Jar Works Like A Push-Pop

Years ago ago, people projected that we might have flying cars, robot butlers and magical dehydrated pizzas by now. While some of these innovations have yet to be seen, the future is here, and its name is Jar with a Twist. Operating just like a push-pop or deodorant stick, this food innovation saves on otherwise wasted peanut butter, makes for better recycling, and prevents the dreaded “peanut butter knuckles” to boot.

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