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DRY’s Five Best Finds: April 2013

We come across a lot of amazing stuff on the internet every day and always make sure to pass it along on Twitter and Facebook. However, some of that amazing stuff really rises above the rest. With that, here are the top five things we found and shared this month in food, design, green, creativity and more.

Monk’s Meats: A Vegetarian Butcher Makes a Case for Wheat Meat

Liza de Guia’s Food. Curated. brings us the story of Monk’s Meats, a vegetarian butcher shop specializing in seitan – or “wheat meat”. Composed of whole, fresh, raw ingredients, the driving force behind Chris Kim and Rebecca Lopez-Howes’ business is the simple phrase Fresh Food. Tastes Good. The process behind their craft is tedious, fascinating and mesmerizing, making this piece well worth a watch.

Bicycle Drive-In Cafe Lets Riders Drink on the Go

As part of a larger plan to better accommodate its growing cyclist community, Zurich’s city council has installed drive-in bicycle tables at one of the most popular cafes in town. These innovative tables allow cyclists to ride right into the cafe setting and use their bikes as seats. An excellent blend of city planning, innovation and design.

The Fine Art of Coffee Portraiture

Working for hours alone in the kitchen of a hotel with an espresso machine at his disposal, barista Mike Breach discovered something fascinating about himself : he was extremely talented at making portraits in the foam and crema of milky espresso drink. This video richly highlights Mike’s work and will probably make you pine for a coffee break of your own.

GIF Tutorial: Essential Knife Skills With a Mission Chinese Cook

Most people think they know their way around a knife in the kitchen, but Henry Molina, a cook at Mission Chinese Food – one of NYC’s best restaurants – is here to school you on exactly how pros handle their blades. The best part? The tutorial is entirely in GIF form! It’s like cooking school for the Tumblr/Reddit generation.

The Top Locavore States in the U.S.

With spring upon us, farmers markets are starting to come on in full force, and weekends across America consist of eager locavores making their way to peruse the bounty of the local land. Strolling of the Heifers, a local food advocacy group, has ranked all 50 states in its annual Locavore Index, which shows each state’s commitment to local food. Think you know where your state ranks? Give the list a read; the results may surprise you!

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