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DRY’s Five Best Finds: February 2013

We come across a lot of amazing stuff on the internet every day and always make sure to pass it along on Twitter and Facebook. However, some of that amazing stuff really rises above the rest. With that, here are the top five things we found and shared this month in food, design, green, creativity and more.

Take a Seat & Make a Friend: It’s Amazing What Can Happen in a Ball Pit

“SoulPancake hits the streets to see what happens when two strangers sit in a ball pit… and talk about life’s big questions.” (via SoulPancake)

How To Save a Public Library: Make it a Seed Bank

“Here’s how it works: A library card gets you a packet of seeds. You then grow the fruits and vegetables, harvest the new seeds from the biggest and best, and return those seeds so the library can lend them out to others.” (via NPR)

Photo Project: What Does 200 Calories in Various Foods Look Like?

“To help you watch your weight and calorie intake Wise Geek started a photo project that shows what 200 calories look like in different kinds of food.

Whether it is a plate of broccoli, a few pieces of fried bacon or a small spoon of peanut butter, this project will make you think twice the next time you decide what to eat.” (via Design Taxi)

Turntable Kitchen | Connecting Food + Music

“Turntable Kitchen is a site connecting food and music, born in a foggy Inner Sunset, San Francisco apartment and run by an inspired couple: Kasey (also known as Ksenya) and Matthew. We feature recipes with a focus on local, fresh ingredients, hand-selected ‘Musical Pairings,’ album reviews and musings on our city livin’ and country hoppin’ adventures. Most importantly, we aim to introduce food lovers to music and vice versa.” (via TurntableKitchen)

The Food Photography of Henry Hargreaves

From rainbow pancakes to bacon typography, photographer Henry Hargreaves’ work with various food stylists is truly a feast for the eyes. “What unites his work is his restless and curious mind, a fascination with the unusual or quirky and a desire to see how photography can illuminate the world and spark conversation.” (via Design Milk)


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