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More Than Just Soda: Why Design Matters to DRY

Meeting the parents. The big interview. Your first date.

Regardless of context, first impressions matter.

We aim to make your first sip of DRY as perfect, natural and unique of an experience as possible. DRY’s primary focus from day one has been creating an all natural, less sweet, better for you soda that challenges the way you think about what you drink. From working closely with chefs to come up with the culinary flavors to finding the best way to extract the natural flavors directly from fruits, flowers and herbs, every granular detail of what goes into DRY has been critically thought through and refined to put out a product that we can be proud to have on the shelves and that you can be proud to call your own.

However, there’s a lot that comes before that first sip; a first impression before that first impression. Design and aesthetic mean so much to how we assign value and meaning to things in our world, so it is important for the visual side of DRY — that true first impression — to reflect the high quality ingredients and processes that we put into each bottle. We want you to feel genuinely good about choosing DRY on the inside and the outside, so from day one, design has been a crucial aspect of DRY as a product and holistically as a company.

Another way in which we prioritize the same high design standard at DRY is the aesthetic of our headquarters in Seattle, WA as we intend visiting DRY at our HQ to be as pleasant and unique an experience as sipping on your favorite DRY flavor.

  • Color - The colors that compose DRY HQ are bright, vibrant and lively. The Blood Orange DRY-esque paint on the walls bring an energy to the room, complemented by natural wood grain. One of the best parts of our office is the beautiful modular carpet tile design by FLOR. They’ve done a tremendous job of giving DRY HQ a unique, colorful quirk that is entirely customizable. Check out their website to see if their well-designed, eco-friendly carpet solution might work well for you, or check out one of their Retail Locations on August 30th as we help celebrate local designers throughout the country at a series of special opening events.
  • Light – To fully bring out the vibrance of our colors, the front facade of DRY is composed of nearly-floor-to-ceiling windows to let in as much natural light as possible. There is nothing better than sitting down in the Tasting Room with the warming energy of sunlight hitting your back as you sip on flights of DRY.
  • Feel – Just as with your bottle of DRY Soda, the energy we hope you get from experiencing DRY HQ’s design is clean, open, simple, positive and inviting. We aim to make stepping out of Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square into DRY HQ a refreshing and welcoming experience.

In all, both in the product you’ve come to enjoy and the place from which it is made, we’ve designed DRY from the inside out to be a product you feel great being a part of.

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