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5 DRY DIY Upcycling Projects for Earth Day

To celebrate Earth Day, we’ve put together a collection of DIY upcycling projects you can do using DRY bottles, 4-pack carriers and bottle caps.

DRY Soda Vase

World’s Easiest Vase

Can’t get much simpler than this: just enjoy a bottle of DRY Soda, and fill with water and your favorite spring flowers upon completion. Thanks to the amazing @light_catcher on Twitter for sharing this beautiful photo!

Bottle Cap Christmas Wreath

Bottle Cap Christmas Wreath

Created by the amazing Ana, one of DRY’s retail specialists, this project requires plenty of DRY bottlecaps, hot glue, a foam wreath from the craft store, red fabric and whatever other decoration with which you choose to adorn your creation (in this case, a festive green bow). Simply attach the red fabric to the ring, then carefully hot glue all of the bottle caps on. Finish by attaching your bow with a small bit of metal wire, and voila!



Upcycling Cardboard Carrier for Condiments

4-pack Condiment Carrier

Dreamed up at several DRY Soda retailers, this upcycling project will make your spring and summer cookouts that much more convenient. After you’re finished with your 4-pack of DRY, fill the cardboard 4-pack carrier with condiments, napkins, cutlery and whatever else will make your outdoor eating life easier.



Bottle Cap Wind ChimeBottle Cap Wind Chime

Inspired by the creations at KraftyKatreena’s Etsy shop (credit image to right), we found some wonderful instructions to create your own bottle cap wind chime thanks to Trina is Artsy. Check her blog for full details and be sure to share your final product with her!






Bottle Cap Candles from WikiHowBottle Cap Tea Candles

The fine folks at WikiHow (credit image to right) have some excellent instructions to make bottle cap tea candles. Check the instructions out and create candles of all colors. These mini tea candles can add the perfect accent to both your indoor and outdoor festivities this spring/summer.


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