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#DRYtour: Back to Southern California

For some, September means back to school. For DRY Soda, September means back to SoCal.

DRY’s Savor the Flavor Tour spent ten wonderful weeks roaming around southern California in our Tasting Truck this spring and summer. After heading out for two months in Colorado and a short homecoming at DRY HQ in Seattle, the DRY Soda Tasting Truck and Savor the Flavor Tour are heading back to Southern California starting September 29th.

We’re ecstatic about the opportunity to return to a region that helped make our spring and summer a blast. We had so much fun and met so many amazing fans in SoCal that heading back was a no-brainer. And with the chill of autumn and winter coming to Seattle soon, the California sunshine certainly didn’t hurt the case.

The Tour’s second venture into southern California will last until November 4th, and the Tasting Truck will be serving sips in Los Angeles and Orange County areas at many Whole Foods Market, Bristol Farms and independent grocery locations. You can also expect to see the Truck at a lot of fun events in the region, as well as making special surprise stops in neighborhoods.

Be sure to keep up with DRY and the next leg of the #DRYtour on Twitter and Facebook, follow us on Instagram @drysoda, and we’ll see you on the road!

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