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DRY’s Five Best Finds: April 2013

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

We come across a lot of amazing stuff on the internet every day and always make sure to pass it along on Twitter and Facebook. However, some of that amazing stuff really rises above the rest. With that, here are the top five things we found and shared this month in food, design, green, creativity and more.

Monk’s Meats: A Vegetarian Butcher Makes a Case for Wheat Meat

Liza de Guia’s Food. Curated. brings us the story of Monk’s Meats, a vegetarian butcher shop specializing in seitan – or “wheat meat”. Composed of whole, fresh, raw ingredients, the driving force behind Chris Kim and Rebecca Lopez-Howes’ business is the simple phrase Fresh Food. Tastes Good. The process behind their craft is tedious, fascinating and mesmerizing, making this piece well worth a watch.

Bicycle Drive-In Cafe Lets Riders Drink on the Go

As part of a larger plan to better accommodate its growing cyclist community, Zurich’s city council has installed drive-in bicycle tables at one of the most popular cafes in town. These innovative tables allow cyclists to ride right into the cafe setting and use their bikes as seats. An excellent blend of city planning, innovation and design.

The Fine Art of Coffee Portraiture

Working for hours alone in the kitchen of a hotel with an espresso machine at his disposal, barista Mike Breach discovered something fascinating about himself : he was extremely talented at making portraits in the foam and crema of milky espresso drink. This video richly highlights Mike’s work and will probably make you pine for a coffee break of your own.

GIF Tutorial: Essential Knife Skills With a Mission Chinese Cook

Most people think they know their way around a knife in the kitchen, but Henry Molina, a cook at Mission Chinese Food – one of NYC’s best restaurants – is here to school you on exactly how pros handle their blades. The best part? The tutorial is entirely in GIF form! It’s like cooking school for the Tumblr/Reddit generation.

The Top Locavore States in the U.S.

With spring upon us, farmers markets are starting to come on in full force, and weekends across America consist of eager locavores making their way to peruse the bounty of the local land. Strolling of the Heifers, a local food advocacy group, has ranked all 50 states in its annual Locavore Index, which shows each state’s commitment to local food. Think you know where your state ranks? Give the list a read; the results may surprise you!

5 DRY DIY Upcycling Projects for Earth Day

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

To celebrate Earth Day, we’ve put together a collection of DIY upcycling projects you can do using DRY bottles, 4-pack carriers and bottle caps.

DRY Soda Vase

World’s Easiest Vase

Can’t get much simpler than this: just enjoy a bottle of DRY Soda, and fill with water and your favorite spring flowers upon completion. Thanks to the amazing @light_catcher on Twitter for sharing this beautiful photo!

Bottle Cap Christmas Wreath

Bottle Cap Christmas Wreath

Created by the amazing Ana, one of DRY’s retail specialists, this project requires plenty of DRY bottlecaps, hot glue, a foam wreath from the craft store, red fabric and whatever other decoration with which you choose to adorn your creation (in this case, a festive green bow). Simply attach the red fabric to the ring, then carefully hot glue all of the bottle caps on. Finish by attaching your bow with a small bit of metal wire, and voila!



Upcycling Cardboard Carrier for Condiments

4-pack Condiment Carrier

Dreamed up at several DRY Soda retailers, this upcycling project will make your spring and summer cookouts that much more convenient. After you’re finished with your 4-pack of DRY, fill the cardboard 4-pack carrier with condiments, napkins, cutlery and whatever else will make your outdoor eating life easier.



Bottle Cap Wind ChimeBottle Cap Wind Chime

Inspired by the creations at KraftyKatreena’s Etsy shop (credit image to right), we found some wonderful instructions to create your own bottle cap wind chime thanks to Trina is Artsy. Check her blog for full details and be sure to share your final product with her!






Bottle Cap Candles from WikiHowBottle Cap Tea Candles

The fine folks at WikiHow (credit image to right) have some excellent instructions to make bottle cap tea candles. Check the instructions out and create candles of all colors. These mini tea candles can add the perfect accent to both your indoor and outdoor festivities this spring/summer.


KING 5 News Interviews DRY CEO Sharelle Klaus

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Sharelle Klaus: Women entrepreneurs may hold key to healthy economy

KING 5 news interviews DRY CEO Sharelle Klaus* to talk about the rise of female entrepreneurship, with the number of women-owned businesses up 40% in Washington state over the last 15 years, and her experience running DRY.

Read the rest of the article by KING 5’s Meg Coyle here: KING 5 – Women entrepreneurs may hold key to healthy economy

*with a special guest appearance by Lennox, DRY’s German Shepard heartthrob.

DRY’s Five Best Finds: March 2013

Friday, March 29th, 2013

We come across a lot of amazing stuff on the internet every day and always make sure to pass it along on Twitter and Facebook. However, some of that amazing stuff really rises above the rest. With that, here are the top five things we found and shared this month in food, design, green, creativity and more.

Photo Series Shows Classic Food Combinations as Pantone Swatches


In his photo series “Pantone Pairings,” Minneapolis-based designer David Schwen photographs food combinations that go perfectly together. Anybody that combines food and design is a friend of ours!

j.viewz Plays ‘Teardrop’ With Vegetables

Whether you’re a fan of Massive Attack, House, or vegetables, this electronic rendition of ‘Teardrop’ is quite impressive. Give it a watch and listen!

Mealku – Online Delivery Service Lets Chefs Shares Their Leftovers

Based on the idea of “share more, waste less, eat better,” Mealku is a homemade meal-sharing cooperative that lets people in the community cook meals for one another; it’s essentially the marriage of an anonymous potluck and delivery service. At only $10 a month, it’s a fantastic way to create better community while reducing food waste. Plus, it’s an adventurous way to explore new foods!

The Edible Masterpiece – Ida Frosk Plays With Her Food

Norwegian photographer Ida Frosk has a knack for playing with her food. In fact, she does it so well that she’s recreating original artistic masterpieces in food form, along with tasty original works. Follow IdaFrosk on Instagram and jump in on the action yourself.

Coffeetivity – Ambient Sounds to Boost Your Workday Creativity

Some people need absolute silence to do their best work, while others require music to break up the monotony. A third party of worker bee thrives when in an active, moving environment such as a coffee shop, and that’s exactly what Coffeetivity brings. Coffeetivity plays ambient coffee shop background noise – undecipherable chatter, clinking dishware, laptop pecking – and is best utilized when played slightly quieter than any music to which you may want to listen. Give it a try and see if it works for you!

Strangers No More: Grubwithus Creates Social Media Powered Dinner Parties to Meet Neighbors and Future Friends

The ultimate irony of our technological lives these days is that, while every technology seems to try and connect us, that same technology often sequesters us to having our noses in our phones on the bus instead of getting to know our neighbors. That’s where Grubwithus shines: creating opportunities for local community members to connect at local restaurants around family-style dinners. While it’s not in every city, you can sign up for your city to be next on the list (we’re already on the list for Seattle!).

MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE: Jessie Oleson (CakeSpy)

Monday, March 18th, 2013



Message in a Bottle is a casual sitdown that takes a quick, inquisitive look into the lives of some of DRY’s friends who are influencing their greater communities, providing droplets of insight from great people doing big things.

Today’s feature: JESSIE OLESONcakespyreduced

Head Spy at CakeSpy Dessert Detective Agency, illustrator, writer

What’s the best thing to happen to you in the past 72 hours?

I went to a place called Pie Town, New Mexico, where I ate…pie.

What quote or saying do you relate most closely to your life?

“A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, in the most delightful way.”

Who is your biggest idol, and what would you say to them with only ten words?

Graffiti artist Keith Haring. I’d say, “I love you, can we do a mural together, please?”

What one message would you go back and leave your 7-year-old self?

Dudette, don’t sweat it when they ask you what you want to be when you grow up. As it turns out, it IS possible to eat, write about, and draw baked goods for a living.

To what superstitions do you subscribe?

I won’t pick up a penny that is heads-down. I will, however, flip it over so the next person finds a heads-up penny.  All rules are off for higher tender, though: if I find a heads-down quarter, I’m taking it.

What is your personal mission statement?

The answer is already yes.

What quality do you value most in a person?


If you had to choose one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

My unicorn sweater, a skirt that spins well, pink glitter tights, and pink cowboy boots. I’m subtle like that.

Which talent do you wish you could pick up immediately?

Ballroom dancing.


Learn more and follow Jessie on TwitterFacebook or on the Dessert Detective Agency’s official website for plenty of delicious recipes, wonderful illustrations and more. Also, check out Jessie’s books: The Secret Lives of Baked Goods and CakeSpy Presents: Sweet Treats for a Sugar-Filled Life.


8 Ways to Prep Your Home & Office for Spring

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

photo from Dismount Creative, who also knows how to make quite the lovely terrarium

With the first day of spring exactly one week away, we’ve compiled eight great ways to prep yourself for the new season at home or in your office. Use these tips to help shake off the end of winter and jump head first into doing your spring thing.


Add some green flair, clean air and breathe some life into your home and work spaces by incorporating living plants into the mix.

HOME21 Easy Ideas for Adorable DIY Terrariums (via BuzzFeed)

OFFICE: Best Plants for the Office Environment (via Gardening Know How)


As the old proverb goes, “cleanliness is next to godliness,” and while we can’t live spotless lives all the time, getting in a deep clean is a great way to reset things back to square one.

HOMEThe Easiest Green Cleaning Recipes You Can Make At Home (via The Daily Green)

OFFICE: Your 3-Step Spring Cleaning List for the Computer (via Apartment Therapy)


With how much busy movement we have in our days, sometimes we forget how important it is to nest a little. Taking the time to personalize your space is a satisfying way in which we can make everyday spaces worthwhile places to function.

HOME: Galleries Without Secrets: Your Guide to Stylishly Arranging Frames (via InteriorsPL)

OFFICE: Advice to Sink in Slowly: Designers Share Their Wisdom in Posters (via Brain Pickings)


Whether you’re living at home or feel like you’re living in your office, organizing the spaces you frequent most can be important to maintaining your sanity.

HOME: How to Organize Your Fridge (via POPSUGAR Food)

OFFICE: Make Your Own PVC Storage System (via LifeHacker)

DRY’s Five Best Finds: February 2013

Friday, March 1st, 2013

We come across a lot of amazing stuff on the internet every day and always make sure to pass it along on Twitter and Facebook. However, some of that amazing stuff really rises above the rest. With that, here are the top five things we found and shared this month in food, design, green, creativity and more.

Take a Seat & Make a Friend: It’s Amazing What Can Happen in a Ball Pit

“SoulPancake hits the streets to see what happens when two strangers sit in a ball pit… and talk about life’s big questions.” (via SoulPancake)

How To Save a Public Library: Make it a Seed Bank

“Here’s how it works: A library card gets you a packet of seeds. You then grow the fruits and vegetables, harvest the new seeds from the biggest and best, and return those seeds so the library can lend them out to others.” (via NPR)

Photo Project: What Does 200 Calories in Various Foods Look Like?

“To help you watch your weight and calorie intake Wise Geek started a photo project that shows what 200 calories look like in different kinds of food.

Whether it is a plate of broccoli, a few pieces of fried bacon or a small spoon of peanut butter, this project will make you think twice the next time you decide what to eat.” (via Design Taxi)

Turntable Kitchen | Connecting Food + Music

“Turntable Kitchen is a site connecting food and music, born in a foggy Inner Sunset, San Francisco apartment and run by an inspired couple: Kasey (also known as Ksenya) and Matthew. We feature recipes with a focus on local, fresh ingredients, hand-selected ‘Musical Pairings,’ album reviews and musings on our city livin’ and country hoppin’ adventures. Most importantly, we aim to introduce food lovers to music and vice versa.” (via TurntableKitchen)

The Food Photography of Henry Hargreaves

From rainbow pancakes to bacon typography, photographer Henry Hargreaves’ work with various food stylists is truly a feast for the eyes. “What unites his work is his restless and curious mind, a fascination with the unusual or quirky and a desire to see how photography can illuminate the world and spark conversation.” (via Design Milk)


Want more amazing stuff like this delivered daily? Follow DRY Soda on Twitter and Facebook to stay in the loop.


Monday, February 25th, 2013

Message in a Bottle is a casual sitdown that takes a quick, inquisitive look into the lives of some of DRY’s friends who are influencing their greater communities, providing droplets of insight from great people doing big things.


Today’s feature: SARAH STANLEY

wellness & fitness expert, endurance athlete, entrepreneur and health journalist

Who is your biggest idol, and what would you say to them with only ten words?

Dr. Ben Carson. Thank you for giving me hope when I was 8 years old.

What is the best gift you’ve ever given?

I flew to surprise a friend for her 40th birthday party. It was awesome.

What one message would you go back and leave your 7-year-old self?

You will survive.

What personal achievement makes you the most proud?

At the time of this interview, having run almost 40 marathons/ultramarathons, including two 100 mile ultramarathons (disclaimer: 2nd 100 made it to mile 80 before missing the cutoff.) Also cycling from San Francisco to San Diego in 5 days- a little over 600 miles.

What is your personal mission statement?

I actually have two: “how can my life be a blessing to someone, somewhere, somehow, someway” and “live to inspire others to do good, love all, be active, have purpose, pursue justice, go explore, keep the faith, have a good attitude”.

If you had to choose one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

That’s easy! Any athletic outfit. Running shoes, sweat-wicking shorts & top, a really good supportive bra (keeping it real folks!) and a cute hat. The hat is my signature item. :)


Learn more and follow Sarah on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or her website for plenty more positive inspiration, tips and motivation.


DRY Listens: Blood Orange Halloween Playlist

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

The witching hour is upon us, and this requires the perfect soundtrack. After a week of submissions from DRY fans, we’ve put together the Blood Orange Halloween playlist. Put it on at work, at home or at your Halloween party to get yourself truly in the spirit. Happy Halloween!

For non-Spotify users, use this alternate YouTube playlist.

More Than Just Soda: Why Design Matters to DRY

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

Meeting the parents. The big interview. Your first date.

Regardless of context, first impressions matter.

We aim to make your first sip of DRY as perfect, natural and unique of an experience as possible. DRY’s primary focus from day one has been creating an all natural, less sweet, better for you soda that challenges the way you think about what you drink. From working closely with chefs to come up with the culinary flavors to finding the best way to extract the natural flavors directly from fruits, flowers and herbs, every granular detail of what goes into DRY has been critically thought through and refined to put out a product that we can be proud to have on the shelves and that you can be proud to call your own.

However, there’s a lot that comes before that first sip; a first impression before that first impression. Design and aesthetic mean so much to how we assign value and meaning to things in our world, so it is important for the visual side of DRY — that true first impression — to reflect the high quality ingredients and processes that we put into each bottle. We want you to feel genuinely good about choosing DRY on the inside and the outside, so from day one, design has been a crucial aspect of DRY as a product and holistically as a company.

Another way in which we prioritize the same high design standard at DRY is the aesthetic of our headquarters in Seattle, WA as we intend visiting DRY at our HQ to be as pleasant and unique an experience as sipping on your favorite DRY flavor.

  • Color - The colors that compose DRY HQ are bright, vibrant and lively. The Blood Orange DRY-esque paint on the walls bring an energy to the room, complemented by natural wood grain. One of the best parts of our office is the beautiful modular carpet tile design by FLOR. They’ve done a tremendous job of giving DRY HQ a unique, colorful quirk that is entirely customizable. Check out their website to see if their well-designed, eco-friendly carpet solution might work well for you, or check out one of their Retail Locations on August 30th as we help celebrate local designers throughout the country at a series of special opening events.
  • Light – To fully bring out the vibrance of our colors, the front facade of DRY is composed of nearly-floor-to-ceiling windows to let in as much natural light as possible. There is nothing better than sitting down in the Tasting Room with the warming energy of sunlight hitting your back as you sip on flights of DRY.
  • Feel – Just as with your bottle of DRY Soda, the energy we hope you get from experiencing DRY HQ’s design is clean, open, simple, positive and inviting. We aim to make stepping out of Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square into DRY HQ a refreshing and welcoming experience.

In all, both in the product you’ve come to enjoy and the place from which it is made, we’ve designed DRY from the inside out to be a product you feel great being a part of.