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Summer Sips and Scoops: DRY Soda Ice Cream Float Recipes (with flavor twists!)

DRY's CEO Sharelle Klaus joined the Q13 morning crew to make DRY Soda floats

DRY’s CEO Sharelle Klaus was on set with Q13 FOX to talk about DRY Soda as a less sweet, better soda and mix up an ice cream float using one of Snoqualmie Ice Cream’s many great flavors. Watch Sharelle’s DRY Soda + Snoqualmie Ice Cream Float video and try one of the recipes below!

Ginger DRY Soda + Snoqualmie Cascade Mountain Blackberry Ice Cream

Garnish: fresh sprig of mint

Flavor Profile: The zesty flavor of ginger pairs perfectly with the richness of Northwest blackberries

- Crush six blackberries in glass
– Add one or two hearty scoops of Snoqualmie Cascade Mountain Blackberry Ice Cream
– Slowly pour in Ginger DRY Soda until full
– Garnish with fresh mint sprig
– Add straw, sip and enjoy!

Lavender DRY Soda + Snoqualmie Danish Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Garnish: Theo Chocolate 70% dark chocolate shavings

Flavor Profile: The warm, earthy flavors of vanilla bean and dark chocolate complement the smooth, floral flavor of lavender

- Add one or two hearty scoops of Snoqualmie Danish Vanilla Bean Ice Cream to glass
– Slowly pour in Lavender DRY Soda until full
– Use a microplane to grate a sprinkling of Theo 70% dark chocolate over ice cream (or garnish with a piece of chocolate stuck directly into your scoop)
– Add straw, sip and enjoy!


Other recommended float ideas:

Apple DRY Soda + Snoqualmie Island Coconut Snoqualmie Ice Cream – Garnish: rum whipped cream

Cucumber DRY Soda + Snoqualmie Raspberry Pomegranate Sorbet – Garnish: mint leaf


You can find both DRY Soda and Snoqualmie Ice Cream at your local QFC, Fred Meyer, Thriftway, PCC, Whole Foods or Red Apple stores, or at Snoqualmie Ice Cream’s cafe in Maltby, WA. Additionally, find DRY’s newest flavors – Apple and Ginger DRY Soda – at Metropolitan Market. And if you want to party with us in person, join us on August 24th for Ice Cream-o-rama with Snoqualmie Ice Cream.

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