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Father’s Day Gift Guide: The Athlete

Fathers Day Gift Guide for the Athlete - Sports Dad


Commit to compete with him

If your Athelete dad stays fit with biking, running, etc. there are plenty of opportunities available to compete with summer fast approaching. Check for local races in your area and get them on the calendar, then commit to train and race with your pops. If you’re a little behind on the fitness schedule, we’d recommend scheduling a race pretty far out in advance. Alternatively, if you’re short on time or not the athletic type, commit to simply picking up his race fees and being his best cheerleader on race day. Encouraging him to get out and do what he loves is one of the richest gifts you can give.


His new favorite gameday essential

Whether it’s his alma mater or favorite pro team, your Athlete dad is a passionate fan. Add to his gameday experience with a handmade project that features his favorite team. Is he into football or baseball? Fall weather fandom calls for a cozy fleece blanket under which he can enjoy the game in person or at home. Fabric patterns for local teams can usually be found at your local fabric store. Does his weekend agenda partially involve relaxing on the couch watching sports? Buy a shirt of his favorite team and turn it into a pillow. A cozy fan is a happy fan. PS Go Hawks.


UP, the activity tracker by Jawbone

If your Athlete dad is a mover and a shaker who trys to keep tabs on his personal fitness, helping him get even more out of his routine is a gift that truly keeps on giving. Getting him an activity tracker like UP by Jawbone – which helps track how you sleep, move and eat – can keep him continuously excited about improving his fitness as well as give him another fun gadget to keep him entertained.

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