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Father’s Day Gift Guide: The Office-ionado



Treat him to a pre-Father’s Day office lunch

Every dad expects something to go down on Father’s Day – so why not mix it up and surprise him a few days before? Do a little bit of recon and figure out what the rest of his week at work might be like, then find a day to swing by and surprise him with a pre-Father’s Day lunch date. Use your own discretion, however – your pops might be a planner and require more of a heads up, so perhaps build a bit of flexibility or take out the element of surprise when executing this plan for your dad.


Leather cases for his tech

The Office-ionado is a species of dad known to carry around a fair amount of technology for his job. Oh Happy Day‘s amazing Leather Laptop Case DIY is a fantastic project to create a thoughtful, classy and useful gift for his laptop, smart phone or other office tech. Whatever item you choose to make a case for, remember: measure twice, cut once! (“Make” photo credit – the ever-crafty Oh Happy Day!)


A low-maintenance desk plant

Your dad is a hard worker, so make his day better by bringing a little more life to his office. Office plants make a workspace feel much more alive, cheery and oxygen-rich. Using Lifehacker’s guide to cubicle-friendly plants, you can find the perfect low-maintenance green match for your pops. You’ll give him a gift that keeps on growing without giving him a chore.

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