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Father’s Day Gift Guide: The Creative

Fathers Day Gifts Creative


Curate a creative day out together

If there are two things the Creative dad in your life loves, they’re having creative fun and spending time with you. Plan a creative day out for you and pops that involves creative spaces and activities around your city. You can also weave in his favorite lunch and dinner spots as an added bonus for him.

If you need some inspiration, part of an example day in Seattle might look like this:

  • Morning coffee and a blind contour session at his favorite cafe
  • Afternoon walk and coffee in the Olympic Sculpture Park
  • Drinks and First Thursday Art Walk in Pioneer Square


A bundle of creativity-enabling additions to his tech life

Chances are your Creative dad has a fair amount of technology integrated into his life. If you’re able, gift him a folder of creative apps for his smart phone or tablet.

  • Oflow – This app contains over 150 handy tips on how to infuse more creativity into different aspects of life. It even lets you set creativity reminders so you can help dad keep his brain fresh and moving every day.
  • Paper – Voted App of the Year 2012, this app is simply the most elegant method of drawing, sketching, painting and more on the iPad. Set your Creative patriarch loose on this and let his creativity flow.
  • Say the Same Thing – This app comes to us from OK Go – the band of treadmill fame – and is best explained in this video. It is a superb way to get the brain moving and sync up thought patterns with your Creative dad. Download it yourself and you two can keep up the creative good times long after Father’s Day ends.
  • Feedly – This is the RSS reader to which many are flocking given the retirement of Google Reader, and it offers an excellent opportunity to take this gift even further: research the best blogs for his areas of interest (design, technology, etc.) and create a full, customized RSS feed ready for him to dive into. Encouraging him to make his Feedly a part of his everyday routine will help him keep up on his passions.


Education to grow the right side of his brain

The best thing you can give your Creative dad is the ability to create even more. We’ve recommended this gift in a past gift guide, but that’s because it’s just such a brilliant, thoughtful notion for the creative type in your life. If there are any community learning organizations in your area – like the School of Visual Concepts or Luminous Works here in Seattle – gift your Creative dad a tuition gift certificate to choose his own class. If If he’s more of a reader or DIY learner, grab him one of the many amazing books dedicated to the craft of creativity, such as The Book of Doing by Allison Arden or Imagine by Jonah Lehrer.


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