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Father’s Day Gift Guide: The DIY Tinkerer

Father's Day Gift Guide - DIY Tinkerer


Help him get going on a project

Has there been a project your DIY Tinkerer dad has been talking about for a while but just hasn’t been able to get started? Help him get going by researching one of his potential projects and doing what you can to gather the proper materials for him. Bundle them up and let him know you’re there to help! If it’s not your area of expertise, you can at least gift him some ‘coupons’ for time to spend together working on it.


An organization system he can use

The DIY Tinkerer is either impeccably organized or thrives in disorganized chaos. If your dad falls in the latter category, check out a few different ways to make his work space more organized. Whether it’s turning mason jars into an organization rack or putting his nails, screws and other small pieces into easy-to-access baby food jars at his work bench, there are a lot of options to help make his tinkering more efficient and clean. We’d recommend giving him the gift first and letting him organize it himself; messing up his current “system”, no matter how unorganized it may seem to the naked eye, could create more work for dad.


Time or class at a collaborative work space

Though they may not exist in every city, collaborative work spaces, like Metrix Create:Space here in Seattle, offer tools, classes and expertise in areas that you won’t find anywhere else. Would your dad dig laser cutting? 3-D printing? Learning basic electronics? Collaborative, creative work spaces like these could end up being a second home for him. Help grow his brain and take his tinkering to the next level.

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