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Father’s Day Gift Guide: The Foodie/Mixologist



A progressive family night out

Though this may involve a little bill-splitting with siblings or mom, compile a list of dad’s favorite bars and restaurants and get the family together for a progressive night out. Go get appetizers and drinks at his favorite bar, move on to dinner at his favorite restaurant, then finish with an evening dessert and coffee wherever his favorite sweets live. For presentation, consider compiling branded cocktail napkins, menus, etc. and creating a mini map using each location’s logo.


A custom food/drink recipe book

Does your dad have a few favorite chefs he looks up to? Know any of his favorite food or cocktail bloggers? Gather up all the intel you can about your dad’s favorites, then go to town on researching food/drink recipes from his favorite chefs, blogs and mixologists and compile them into an ultimate food/drink recipe book to give him on Father’s Day. Go as big or small as you want – and there’s even a way to make your recipe book online – but either way it’s a chance to get creative and show him you know what he’s passionate about.


A cheese of the month subscription

Satisfying both the foodie and the drink pairer type patriarchs, a cheese of the month subscription from Dobbs and Bishop – available in three, six and twelve-month periods – is a quick, easy way to mix things up for him every month. Take it a step further and dedicate one night a month to bringing the family together around cheese and drink pairings. Fancy!

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