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Father’s Day Gift Guide: The Outdoorsman



Treat him to a summer of hiking

Create a list of 5 hikes you’re going to take him on this summer and present it to him on a bag of trail mix or a map of your state. Use Alltrails to explore trails and find the best hike for you and pops, then move your focus to every other detail and plan it out as much as you can. Get dates on the calendar and go!


Custom trail mix with all his favorite tastes

Whether it’s hiking, fishing or another outdoor pursuit, your dad is going to need some energy. If you’ve got a good idea of his favorite tastes, mix it all up into the ultimate custom trail mix catered specifically to your dad’s taste buds. Here are 3 healthy trail mix recipes to get you started, as well as some starter tips of our own: Dad dig salt? Throw some mini pretzels in the mix. Know his favorite fruit? Dehydrate his favorite fruit that might not make a traditional trail mix. Want to change up the sweets? Sub in peanut butter chips instead of chocolate chips.


A solid multi tool

While your dad may be the type that’s always prepared, it doesn’t hurt to update his tools every once in a while. Looking at the 5 best multi tools, you should be able to grab dad a reasonably priced gift he can integrate into his everyday life as well as his outdoor adventures. You may even be tempted to pick one up for yourself.

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