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Five Best Uses for Thanksgiving Leftovers












The relatives have said their goodbyes long ago, the last dish has been washed, and now it’s back to normal life. One might be tempted to think Thanksgiving is over and it’s time to hang up some lights and start the shopping frenzy.  But not so fast!  Thanksgiving isn’t over until the last drumstick falls. Not until every roll has been consumed, every potato polished off, and all the stuffing has been devoured.  Not until the turkey is reduced to bones and pumpkin pie just a fond memory.  Some people think Thanksgiving is one day focused on one meal, but they’re forgetting the best part: LEFTOVERS.

It’s not easy to finish off an 18-pound turkey in one sitting, no matter how many cousins are present. And after the tryptophest of this weekend, you might be tempted to just throw everything in one bowl, mix it up, throw some cheese on it, microwave it and be done.  No judgment here.  But if you’re looking for a way to parlay your delicious meal into several delicious meals, these recipes are for you.

Turkey Cornbread Chili - recipe from Martha Stewart

This recipe combines all the Thanksgiving favorites into a hearty soup, perfect after a cold, rainy day in the yard.  It is a classed-up, well-seasoned version of the “everything in a bowl” method mentioned above, plus cornbread.  Can’t miss.

Turkey Croquettesrecipe from Martha Stewart

Martha, you’ve done it again.  These croquettes are a fried combo of turkey and mashed potatoes with a tangy cranberry dipping sauce.  That’s right, fried Thanksgiving food.  This recipe will ensure there are no leftover leftovers.

Turkey Pot Pie - recipe from All Recipes

It’s pretty easy to get your recommended daily servings of vegetables when they are combined with turkey and delicious gravy in a flaky pie crust.  This recipe has it all, and would make a great day-after-Thanksgiving dinner.

Turkey Cranberry Cubano Sandwich: – recipe from Closet Cooking
Often, one of the hardest things to get rid of during the actual Thanksgiving meal is the cranberry sauce.  If there is some left over, this recipe would be perfect.  The combo of tangy/sweet and rich is one that really can’t be beat.

Turkey Broth – recipe from CDKitchen

Just when you think it’s over.  The bird has been reduced to skin and bones, the final few pieces of meat left clinging. But wait!  Don’t despair, Thanksgiving isn’t quite done giving.  This recipe for turkey broth can be used as a base for soups, frozen and stored year round for a hearty, low-carb/high-protein meal.  Turkey noodle soup is also a possibility.


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