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National Picnic Day: DRY’s Ultimate Picnic Menu

To celebrate National Picnic Day, we’ve chosen the five top dishes around the country that we’d grab to start our perfect picnic. While we wish we could dine on all of these perfect picnic dishes at once, we can dream, can’t we?

Cardullos Stefano Sandwich

The Stefano – Cardullo’s Gourmet Shoppe (Cambridge, MA)

Made with smoked turkey, speck, Pineland Farms cheddar, arugula, tomatoes, ranch dressing and whole grain Mustard on ciabatta bread, Cardullo’s Stefano is a wholesome companion with which to walk the red bricks of Havard Square. Pair this with a friend and a sunny spot on campus and you’ve got the beginnings of an excellent Boston picnic.

Shelly's Vegan Wrap Elephants Deli

Shelly’s Vegan WrapElephants Delicatessen (Portland, OR)

Featuring romaine lettuce, kale, sugar peas, hazelnuts, broccoli, grapes, apple & cabbage with Elephants’ Stackhouse dressing (carrots, apple, mustard, tamari, sugar, tahini, cider vinegar & canola oil) in a spinach tortilla, Shelly’s Vegan wrap is a fresh and filling meat-free picnic option. Elephants is a Rip City staple and an excellent way to mix it up from the PDX food truck scene.


Salumi Cone – Boccalone (San Francisco, CA)

When visiting the San Francisco Ferry Building, a stop at Boccalone is a must. The world famous Salumi Cone, a signature Boccalone staple, is the epitome of the company’s tagline: Tasty Salted Pig Parts. Let this serve as a no-nonsense base around which to build a tasty SF picnic.

The Picnic Sandwich – Delicatus (Seattle, WA)

Made with Black Forest ham, lettuce, tomato, shaved red onion, Swiss Emmental, & potato salad on toasted Scala read with dijonaise, “the sandwich came about from a discussion with our Chef Aaron Willis about what a picnic would taste like.  Eventually we decided this would be the best representation of a picnic between a blanket of bread,” says co-owner Mike Klotz. The name, story and ingredients leave little question as to why the Picnic Sandwich belongs on this list.

Bloody Good SaladDish Gourmet (Boulder, CO)

With romaine hearts, spicy buttermilk ranch, farm fresh egg, Long Family Farms ham & bacon, avocado, tomato and parmeggiano grana, the Bloody Good Salad lives up to its name and also eats like a real meal. Bring this along on your hopefully-not-snow-covered-unless-you’re-into-that spring picnic fling if you’re looking for a ton of hearty, savory flavor in your picnic.

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