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10 Things We Love About Colorado | #3 – Conquering a Fourteener

Pike’s Peak

We thought we’d get through this list without mentioning anything outdoorsy again, but we simply couldn’t resist; the allure of climbing one of the state’s many fourteeners was just too good (and just too Colorado) for us to pass up.

A fourteener (14er) is a mountain that exceeds 14,000 ft above sea level, and Colorado is lucky enough to be home to the majority of all fourteeners in North America. Some of the more popular climbs, such as Pike’s Peak above, have inspired experienced climbers with the goal of climbing all of the state’s fourteeners. This pastime of climbing fourteeners is one more embodiment of the active Colorado spirit. That being said, we’re still catching our Washingtonian breath just thinking about it.

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