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App Pick: Frontback

Download the Frontback App for iPhone Frontback is the perfect photo app for summertime snaps

Historians claim that the “selfie” was first invented with the creation of MySpace back in 2003, but with the advent of front-facing cameras on smart phones, sociologists are now calling the social climate in which we now live the “Era of the Selfie”***. Even if you’re not a selfie-inclined person, admit it: when you’re Skyping with a friend or loved one, 90% of the time your eyes are focused on that little image of yourself in the corner. It’s okay, we all have a little bit of it in us.

Frontback appTry DRY Soda at Pike Place Market

With this in mind, Frontback enables you to capture the moments in front of you while showing the world who you were with, what you were wearing, how you reacted and more by capturing simultaneous photos from your iPhone’s back and front cameras, then stacking them on top of one another. After a quick registration, you can start snapping, explore the community of Frontback photographers to get inspiration for your next piece, or show your love for others’ work. Some photographers are more straightforward, others blend their front and back photos together creatively.

In all, it’s a simple concept but it’s enough to make this the perfect app for all of your summer occasions, such as music festivals, sunsets at the beach or, in the above case, DRY Soda at Pike Place Market.

Download Frontback for iPhone and get to snapping your summer today!

*** 0% true, thankfully


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