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Delicious State-ments | Oregon + Hazelnuts

Oregon Hazelnuts

When thinking of the perfect food to represent Oregon, we had to put down our jar of Nutella and really put some mind power behind it. After a little critical thought, the answer couldn’t be more clear or delicious: hazelnuts.

The state of Oregon produces 99% of the United States’ hazelnut yield and about half of this bounty is exported to the rest of the world. So in a word, Oregon hazelnuts are everywhere, but what does one do with them? Try these three delectable recipes, all from Oregonian chefs and foodies that know the state’s little brown gem best.

Local Oregon Hazelnut Recipes

Radicchio Salad with Parsley-Hazelnut Pesto | via Edible Portland – prepared by Jason French/Ben Meyer of Ned Ludd (@EdiblePortland – PORTLAND)

Hazelnut Praline Powder | via Food Shed (@FoodShed – PORTLAND)

Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Scones | via Angry Chicken (PORTLAND)

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