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DRY’s Searchable Guide to Seeking a Saucy Spring


Photo credit: EJP Photo

With spring officially underway – though unfortunately less evident here in Seattle – it’s time to shed some layers, cycle some color into our wardrobes, turn on some AC and start rediscovering what’s out in the world since we stopped going outside in December. We’ve pulled together some wonderful spring activities and resources to custom tailor your season for maximum excellence.

So, after you’ve put away that black North Face jacket of yours, what should we seek out for spring?

Find a New Happy Hour Spot

With more light in each coming day, those precious hours of food frugality after work are becoming better and better. Spring is a great time to mix it up and find a new “spot” that you can bring your friends, coworkers and hot dates.

Tool: Unthirsty lets you search, map and filter happy hour spot near you. (Protip: use the Patio filter to embrace the newfound sun)

Find a Trail to Hike

Sometimes you’ve just got to connect with nature, and fewer activities accomplish this better than a lovely, sun-soaked hike. Just be sure you bring plenty of water, trail snacks, and good company; nothing worse than a dehydrated, hungry and awkward hike.

Tool:   Local Hikes searches for the best hiking trails in or around your city.

Find a Park to Lounge and Play In

Ah, the park. This timeless institution has enabled millions of people with space to enjoy leisure, sports, reading, gatherings, you name it, and the sun brings city parks alive. It can be nice to mix things up from your closest neighborhood park as different places offer different scenery, crowds and amenities.

Tool: Park Grades lets you locate and rate parks near you. (Protip: bring a dog, as everything in life is better when there’s a dog around)

Find a Co-Rec Sports League to Participate In

We don’t all have time to get in a 40-minute workout every day, but there can be more compelling ways to get your blood pumping in preparation for true swimsuit season. From ultimate frisbee to dodgeball and everything in between, trying a co-rec sport can get you active in a stress-free way.

Tool: this guide from Fitness Magazine has tips to find co-rec/noncompetitive sports leagues in your neighborhood.

Find and Experience the World of Food Trucks

We’re all about food truck culture, and some of the city’s best food can be found being served out the side of these mobile food havens. Since food trucks are in new locations all the time it can be hard to keep track of your favorites or find new four-wheeled flavors, but the delicious reward of seeking out a new food truck can be bigger than a taco truck burrito.

Tool: Roaming Hunger lets you search by location or vendor with an interactive map to find food trucks near you.

Cheers to a happy spring. What will you be finding first?

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