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DRY’s Memorial Day Grilling Guide of Greatness

Photo credit: Pillsbury

Memorial Day holds different kinds of significance to different people; to some it’s a day of reflection and memories, to others a day to enjoy time with family and relax.

For many, however, Memorial Day is a monumental change in the foodie calendar – the official start of grilling season.

So, foodie friends, it’s time to take the cover off, turn the heat up, and get ready to kiss the cook with these tips to make the best of your reintroduction into grilldom.

Location, location, location

If you aren’t equipped to have the festivities at your house, you can always get out and among the rest of the relaxing public at a park near you. Just think about it… sun in the sky, dogs a-running, frisbees a-flying, and the smell of your grill as the centerpiece to the perfect park party.

Just as we recommended in our Searchable Guide to Seeking a Saucy Spring, use Park Grades to track down the best spot to bring your grill mobile. Just don’t forget those condiments at home, because nobody likes having to make that mid-party store run.

Preparation makes perfect

There are few things worse than overpromising and underdelivering, especially when it comes to food, so preparation for the first day of grilling season is absolutely key. Here are just a few items you might need to remember:

Need to find a place near you to refill your propane tank? We’ve got you covered.

Did you remember to get your main dish marinating in the fridge overnight? Here are 10 of the best marinade recipes for you to work with.

Will your party guests have anything off of which to eat their deliciously grilled meals? Keep your gathering green with these compostable dinnerware items from YumSugar.

Build up your supporting cast

Whether it’s your mainstay potato salad or a more exotic choice, a proper Memorial Day barbecue isn’t complete without a slew of side dishes.

Best DIY findBaked Sweet Potato Fries with Spicy Apricot Dipping Sauce (Check out the other bites on TLC’s 10 Best Barbecue Side Dishes)

Quick fix: We don’t always have time to track down the family recipe, so our friends at Metropolitan Market in Washington, Dish Gourmet in Colorado, Elephants Deli in Oregon and Whole Foods nationwide all have excellent selections of prepared sides for you to grab and go.

Nail the food focal point

This is it. That smell of grilling goodness that swirls in the wind that reminds us why we withstood those chilly winter months… this is what all that planning, preparation and coordinating is all about. This is why all of your invitees showed up, no matter how good they knew your apron would look. It’s time to grill the main course.

Whether you’re grilling up an army of steaks or a cornucopia of veggies, knowing these grilling guidelines is important to maximizing your time at the food helm.

Carnivores: Learn the proper grilling/flipping times for your meats so that your meal is as safe as it is delicious.

Veggies: Our friends at YumSugar come through again with this video tutorial on how to make perfectly grilled vegetables every time.

Pair like a pro

No meal would be complete without a refreshing beverage with which to wash it down. Using the DRY Soda app for Android and iPhone, pair your finely grilled meal with the ideal DRY flavor, or mix up a custom DRY cocktail to truly indulge in the spoils of the occasion.

With most meats: pair the bold, complex flavor of Rhubarb DRY

With most veggies: pair the crisp, piney flavor of Juniper Berry DRY

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