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The Stuff that Dreams are Made of

Beard Papa’s

While we were in San Francisco for the Fancy Food Show, our Director of Sales introduced DRY’s HQ team to Beard Papa’s Fresh ‘n Natural Cream Puffs.  Upon our return home, we were thrilled to find a Beard Papa’s in Seattle’s International District.  We still don’t know exactly how they do it, but their light, airy confections are to-die-for.  Founder Yuji Hirota first sold his all-natural, fresh puffs in Osaka, Japan in 1999.  Since then, Beard Papa’s stores have sprouted up throughout Asia, Australia and the USA.  Puff flavor options include delights like the original vanilla, chocolate, pumpkin, earl grey tea, and strawberry. The company’s mission is simple: serve a unique cream puff to happy people.  Now we just need to get them to serve DRY!  To find a local location, visit www.beardpapa.com and be happy!

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