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DRY Soda Winter Lookbook Part III – JESSICA CELLONA

With winter almost here, we posed a question to a few friends in different parts of the fashion world:

What is your personal ‘look’ for the season?

With very little guidance, we let them take it anywhere they wanted to. Just because the season is cold and dark doesn’t mean your attire has to match it, so each of our fashion friends hope to provide some outfit inspiration for these chilly months. For the final part of our lookbook, we look to one of YouTube’s best fashion vloggersJessica Cellona, better recognized as ilyjessicaomg.


Jessica Cellona | YouTube Fashion Guru | California
YouTube | Website | @ilyjessicaomg | Tumblr | Facebook





















About the look: This look is a mix of rock, femininity, and edginess. This look is perfect for a concert or just hanging out with friends.


1. Leather jacket – FOREVER 21
2. Distressed Floral Sweater – ROMWE.COM
3. Bodycon skirt – FOREVER 21
4. Over the knee socks – SAVERS THRIFT STORE
5. Combat Boots – TARGET

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