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Churned by Seattle: Ben & Jerry’s Gets Flavorful with Local Favorites

Ben & Jerry's Seattle City Churned Flavor

What is Seattle’s Signature Flavor?

Ben & Jerry’s is mixing up a custom flavor just for Seattlites! Just imagine: a pint of fresh-rain-on-concrete ice cream with grungy guitar string and salmon chunks. No? Just us?

But really, the Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Truck is in Seattle as a part of their nationwide tour and is celebrating our great city with a totally customized Seattle flavor (as voted on by real Seattlites)! The special flavor includes contributions from local favorites Theo Chocolate and Caffe Vita, as well as several other delectable ingredients listed below. The name of this flavor mashup is a secret for now, but that will all change very soon!

Ben & Jerry's Seattle Flavor

DRY Soda will be joining Ben & Jerry’s as they share the first Seattle scoops with the world at the Theo Chocolate factory on Friday, September 13th.  We will be on-site pouring tastes of our cans and new flavors alongside Caffe Vita to form the ultimate ice cream + beverage pairing combo. Come by and celebrate the flavor of our wonderful city.

RSVP for the party here and, between now and Friday, tweet with the Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Truck and it might come pay you a delicious visit! Share this invite with everyone you know and let’s make this an end-of-summer event to remember.

What: Ben & Jerry’s Seattle City Churned flavor unveiling and free scoops; DRY Soda and Caffe Vita tastings; live entertainment

Where: Theo Chocolate – 3400 Phinney Ave N  Seattle, WA 98103

When: 5-7 pm



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