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Thinking Outside the Gearbox: 5 Amazing Alternative Uses for Bicycles

Smoothie Peddler - 5 Amazing Alternative Uses For Bicycles

Photo credit: Juice Peddlers 

With National Bike Month upon us, we’ve noticed an awesome, healthy uptick in the amount of bikes we see on the road around DRY HQ. With this inspiration in mind, we found five of the most amazing, innovative uses of bicycles that you may not have thought of.

Instead of your normal bike ride, why don’t you use your pedal power to…

1) Make a Fresh Fruit Smoothie

Mainstays at farmers markets in and around Seattle, the thinkers behind Juice Peddlers truly make their customers a part of the business and experience. Juice Peddlers outsource their smoothie-making work… to the people who order them. Patrons pick their fruit combo, pony up to the mounted bicycle at the custom smoothie bar, and pedal away to power the blender in front of them until the concoction is just right.

2) Bring Pie to Your Doorstep

One of Seattle’s best secrets, Max Kraushaar, AKA Seattle Pie Man, has been in the business of peddling and pedaling his baked-from-scratch pies around the University District in Seattle since 2010. His business, known as The Piecycle, is as novel as it is delicious. Kraushaar bakes a variety of pies in advance, hungry customers call or text in orders for delivery, and he rides them over in a blaze of delicious glory.

3) Fence Off Your House

We love us some upcycling, and this double embodiment of the word is just too fantastic. The folks at Fence Workshop have an incredible collection of custom bike-made fences that truly tickle our design fancy. The sturdiness of bike frames help make dependable, strong fences, while the colors and concept exude a creative, DIY spirit.

4) Take a Picnic Mobile

What’s better than a picnic with friends? One that you can take anywhere, even down the street at 20+ mph. In one of the crazier ideas we’ve seen, a few friends converted an abandoned wooden picnic table into a tandem bicycle, mobile picnic machine, complete with drink cooler and grill for their “rider food.”

5) Power the Grid

Riding a stationary bike at the gym may is a good thing, but generating free energy for the grid while doing so makes it a labor of love. With a grid-tied inverter and some handiwork, you could turn your workout into a green machine. You won’t be able to power your house on the energy produced, but every little bit helps!

Hope that everyone is having a fun, fast and safe National Bike Month!

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