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Above the Rest: 2012’s Best Thing to Happen to FOOD

With 2012 coming to a close, we’re taking some time to reflect on how wonderful these 365 days have been. We’re doing so by looking at people, trends and more in different categories that we fell in love with in 2012.

Today’s look at FOOD in 2012 is lean, green, and may just be a crucial part of many people’s New Year’s resolution diets this year. In the humble opinion of this all natural soda company, the best thing to happen to food in 2012 was…



Photo credit: Mississippi State University

Though kale is by no means new to the food pyramid, 2012 saw an explosion in kale’s popularity as more and more people sought out ways to incorporate healthier, all natural ingredients into their daily diet. The result? A million and one ways to use the green stuff. How about adding kale to a morning smoothieKale chips as a mid-day snack? Or what about a kale salad to pair with your lean dinner? If you want to get really crazy, there’s even creamy kale ice cream to top off the night.

Besides its versatility and tastiness, kale is packed with vitamins, cancer-fighting glucosinolates and antioxidant flavonoids, serving as the perfect foundation off of which to build a healthy meal. While there were many other candidates for the best thing to happen to food in 2012 (conversely, bacon comes to mind!), the all natural side of us tells us one thing: kale don’t fail.

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