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DRY Holiday Gift Guide: 5 Gifts for the Design Eye

Have that person on your list whose eyes light up at the sight of Pantone anything? Do you catch them saying “That’s so smart!” at every new well-designed oddity they happen upon? Here are five suggestions to jumpstart your holiday gift thinking and bring a little extra design beauty to their lives.











The coolest subscription they’ve ever gotten

You know what’s better than a standard gift? A gift that keeps on giving. A subscription to something designy and fun such as Tattly temporary tattoos will have your recipient looking good and thanking you on a monthly basis. If your lucky recipient has a naked wall, a subscription to rotating art service TurningArt will fill that void and can change as quickly as their tastes. A gift that adjusts to be exactly what they want? Excellent.












Show that you know their type

Ever notice your loved one pointing out how much they love the type on the old theater marquee in town or bemoaning the local restaurant’s use of Papyrus as their menu font? If you’ve got a typophile on your hands, you can’t go wrong with this amazing limited edition Typography Scrabble; tasty for the eyes and stimulating for the brain. On a smaller scale, these typography note cards from A Favorite Design make correspondence beautiful.











Let their mind loose on paper

In a world where we update our statuses, tweet and pin anything that comes to our minds, there’s something to say about settling down and putting one’s thoughts on paper. Well-designed blank notebooks from Field Notes or Rhodia Writing Pads are perfect for the on-the-go thinker, while books such as 642 Things to Draw or 642 Things to Write About can help foster creative thinking with quirky prompts.


















Give them some smarts

Whether or not the design lover on your list has a formally-trained eye for design, giving the gift of education is an extraordinarily thoughtful gesture. Have they been getting into photography? Gift them some ‘tuition’ to a local Photoshop class to pair their new passion. In Seattle, the School of Visual Concepts and Luminous Works are amazing resources for sharpening one’s design skills, while Blogshop is an amazing traveling class that could be coming to you. If none of those options work, simply look up design classes near you! Alternatively, a design book such as Mike Perry’s Pulled  is a great way to dig their brains into design at home.












High five their inner child

In these crazy adult lives we lead, it’s easy to leave behind the things that made us happy as kids. One of the best gifts you can give is a chance to reclaim some of that childhood innocence, and we’ve found a few things that’ll do just that. This aromatic Play Clay from Mama K’s is perfect for creativity and stress relief, featuring clay with lavender, lemongrass, cardamom and more. Alternatively, gift a grown-up coloring book like Thrill Murray, celebrating the legendary Bill Murray, or a stencil kit from Stencil1. Before long your loved one’s Sunday afternoons will be filled with coloring, clay and creativity.






Delicious design

Food is wonderful. Design is beautiful. When the two are combined, the results are generally phenomenal. These Typochocolate Bars from Dynamo are as much a feast for the eyes as they are for the tastebuds. If the person on your list is an avid Instagrammer, take some of their best shots and turn them into chocolate bars with Cocoagraph. Just make sure they give you a bite.


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