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DRY is Better… for Summer Camping

5 ways to make camping better

DRY Soda makes any occasion better, and camping is no exception. We’re halfway through August, but there’s still plenty of time to get in a camping trip before summer ends. Before you pack up your bag and head out, check out how DRY Soda is better for camping as well as four other ways to make your trip to the outdoors better.

5 Ways to Make Camping Better

1) Better Post-Hike RefreshmentVanilla Bean DRY Soda 12-can pack

While you’re spending quality time connecting with mother Earth on your camping trip, make your meals and time in the sun better with the earthy smoothness of Vanilla Bean DRY Soda. It’s a surefire way to please you and your little campers at dinner or after a long day of hiking.

2) Better PackingSea to Summit X Bowl from REI

When packing for a camping trip, space efficiency is key. Bringing along some of these collapsible bowls will make packing that much better, leave more space in your pack for other essentials (such as more of item #1) and make mealtime a much more domesticated experience.

3) Better MorningsTable Top French Coffee Press from REI

Just because you’re roughing it doesn’t mean you have to forego that ever-so-sacred part of your morning routine. This handy camping French Press, combined with a ground bag of Caffe Vita beans and a pot of just-below-boiling water, will get your mornings off to a much better start.

4) Better S’moresSummer Fun Pack Marshmallows from Wondermade

Like DRY Soda, Wondermade makes their delicious handcrafted marshmallows in culinary flavors with pure cane sugar and none of the extra/bad stuff. The Summer Fun Pack gets you a beautiful box each of Orangesicle, Lemonade, Sangria and Root Beer-flavored marshmallows. Pairing these beauties with this homemade graham cracker recipe from Kitchen Simplicity will make camp life complete.

5) Better RelaxationDoubleNest Hammock from Eagle’s Nest Outfitters

Among all the hiking, swimming and campfires that go on during a camping trip, the art of hammocking is often forgotten. Make relaxing among nature’s majesty better by enjoying it with horizontally, swinging slowly from side to side.

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