With Cinco de Mayo just around the corner, we can’t help but start planning a fiesta! Although we know it is not Mexico’s Independence Day, the fifth of May does mark the date of an important battle that raised Mexico’s spirits and led to eventual separation from the French government. Wait, did someone say “spirits?”

Of course, tequila immediately comes to mind around this holiday. While we acknowledge that – yes, shots are a thing – we prefer to divert our attention to enchanting tequila cocktails instead. Find cinco of our favorite drinks below and click on the links to get the full recipes.

Spoiler alert: all pair well with guacamole!


Wishing you were in Mexico with your toes in the sand? While we can’t actually send you to Mexico, this cocktail might make you feel just a little bit closer. The Pomme Island’s pineapple juice and citrus combo make it super refreshing and light. The addition of Fuji Apple DRY gives a crisp and bubbly finish at the end.


Avoid the mystery ingredients in the neon green marg mix and make our much lighter and brighter version. This Cucumber DRY Margarita packs a delicious tequila and lime punch. It’s super easy to whip up a pitcher to please a crowd, too! Just be sure to top off each glass with 4 oz. of Cucumber DRY so it stays nice and bubbly.

Blood Orange

Spend the evening with your new main squeeze, Senor Scott – the cocktail, course! The tangy and bright flavor of Blood Orange DRY gives this bitter and warm cocktail the perfect balance of flavors. Plus, who doesn’t love a garnish that doubles as a snack?


Are you wanting to slowly sip your drink while enjoying a little peace and quiet? We’ve got you covered. This sophisticated tequila cocktail is a full and lush drink, perfect for sipping on a warm spring night.


The Mighty Aztec is just where your tequila wants to be. Thank Aperol for that beautiful color, and experience a kick of citrus from the lemon juice. This flavor combination creates a bold cocktail that may or may not convince you to do something a little crazy. *You’ve been warned*

If you want to avoid tequila, check out our cocktail generator and find a different concoction to cheers with. Whatever your mix may be, be sure to let us know what you think! Shoot us an email at info@drysoda.com or tag your social posts with #DRYSparkling so we’re sure to find them.