Along with the holidays inevitably comes a stream of celebrations and parties. We love nothing more than hosting a gathering with the people closest to us during this time of year. And if you ask us, there’s no better way to kick off a party than with fabulous, refreshing drinks.

While it’s ideal to know when you’ll be having people over, we know that sometimes crowds show up totally last minute! Whether you aim to create a fancy cocktail, a glass of sparkling wine, or a delicious mocktail, a fully stocked bar cart is an entertainer’s ideal sidekick. It’s the perfect place to store and display everything you’ll need for party drinks, planned or not.

Below, we’ve rounded up five tips for creating a fab bar cart that will satisfy all your thirsty guests.

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1. Celebratory cocktail napkins and paper straws. There’s nothing more fun than grabbing a cocktail napkin with a festive print or witty saying and popping a bold (paper) straw into your drink. If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll quickly find it’s one of our favorite ways to style a DRY Sparkling cocktail or mocktail. (Pro Tip: Avoid that feeling of accidentally putting a Venti straw into your Grande cup and cut your straws to the right height for your glass ware.)

2. A crowd-pleasing variety of alcohol. It’s important to give your guests choices, but not too many. We recommend offering one clear liquor, one dark liquor, a sparkling wine, and red and/or white wine. We also recommend a couple flavors of bitters. As they say, bitters are a bartender’s best friend!

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3. Fun glassware. Unexpected glassware (or plastic-ware) is fun to drink from and is also a great way to give your bar cart some personality. Be sure to include some wine glasses or champagne flutes, plus shorter glasses for cocktails. Some of our favorite glasses this season are from Anthropologie and World Market (swoon!). As long as you stick with a bit of a theme, your glasses don’t have to match. A variety of styles will also help your guests keep track of their drinks.

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4. Non-alcoholic options and mixers. We love drinking cold DRY Sparkling from a fancy champagne flute or a wine glass when the occasion is right. We also love mixing it into our cocktails. Choosing three or four different flavors of DRY Sparkling plus an additional mixer will be sure to delight all your guests! Check out our cocktail recipe generator for some inspiration on how to mix DRY Sparkling.

5. Fresh flowers. Whether you purchase them before the party or someone brings flowers as a gift – you can’t go wrong with adding a pop of color and freshness to your bar cart décor.

We hope these five tips will leave you feeling like a bar cart pro! Once you’re fully stocked up, we also suggest having a few simple cocktail recipes on hand for your guests. The No Champagne, No Gain is one of our our favorite celebratory drinks to share with guests and so easy to make! DRY’s Skinny Mule and the L&L are also great holiday go-tos.

Will you be creating a bar cart for your next party? Share your photos with us on Facebook or Instagram using #DRYSparkling for a chance to win a set of our custom DRY Sparkling lowball glasses. We can’t wait to see what you pull together.


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