DRY Botanical Bubbly FAQ

Why did DRY Sparkling Soda change its name?

While DRY is technically a soda – a carbonated drink – we have found that the name is kind of confusing. We wanted to find a name that better explained what we are! We are a simple, 4 ingredient bubbly drink that works to elevate non-alcoholic drinking.  We use cane sugar to naturally elevate the flavor (only 9 g of sugar) to create a lightly sweet, sophisticated profile that is perfect on it’s own, pair with foods and to create best-in-class craft zero-proof cocktails.


Has the product changed?

No. There is no change to our recipe or production processes. The flavor and formula remain the same.


Are you still Non-GMO and Kosher?

We have maintained our non-GMO and Kosher certifications.


Why “Botanical Bubbly?”

Our DRY fanatics helped us pick the name. We worked with various groups of DRY enthusiasts and DRY newbies to discuss names that better describe the DRY vibe and experience. You guys helped articulate both the unique flavor profile, but also how you use DRY to celebrate in a more modern way!


How do I find DRY Botanical Bubbly?

The new packaging will be flowing into market over the summer. You might see DRY Botanical Bubbly next to DRY Sparkling Soda for a little while as we transition the packaging, but you can find DRY Botanical Bubbly in retailers like Kroger, HEB, The Fresh Market and Safeway as well as many others. Find DRY near you! You can also purchase DRY Botanical Bubbly cans via Amazon and our other online retailers.